Canine Fitness- Importance and How to Start

Canine Fitness- Importance and How to Start

April is National Canine Fitness Month, here are the benefits and importance of fitness for our pups, along with some ways to help get their pent-up energy out.

Canine Fitness is crucial to the health of your dogs. When it comes to our pets, we all want to assure the best life possible for them, which means making sure they are as healthy as possible. Here are a few benefits to making sure your dog has the best fitness routine for them:

  • Improved Quality of life. Dogs who are overweight and unhealthy can shave as much as 7 years off their life expectancy. Dogs who are healthy and have a regular fitness routine can have an enhanced lifespan.
  • Prevention of Injuries. Dogs who are healthy tend to have less pain in their joints. They can have less of a chance of injuring soft tissue, torn ligaments, and less of a risk of ruptured discs. Exercising can also help maintain strong and healthy bones.
  • Can lower the risk of diseases and Cancer. Exercising regularly and staying healthy can help your pups prevent Cancer, Diabetes, and can help with arthritis. Exercising can also improve insulin health and boost metabolism, as well as help pump toxins out of their bodies.
  • Prevents premature aging. Regular exercise and good nutrition can help maintain good muscle strength and integrity, keeping your pup younger for longer.

Don’t know where to start when it comes to a regular fitness routine? Here are some ideas on how to make sure your dog gets the exercise they need.

  • Walks! Either off-leash or on-leash.
  • Fetch! Using one of your pup’s favorite toys, a ball, or even a stick.
  • Hide and Seek! Either you hide and let your pup find you, or hide treats behind doors, under toys, or any place you can think of!
  • Create an obstacle course! Move around furniture and add little obstacles to get your pup moving, with their favorite treats as the reward of course.
  • Swimming! Have a pool accessible to you that’s dog friendly? Take your dog with you on the hot summer days.
  • Dog Parks! If your pup does good with other dogs, find a local dog park to let them run their hearts out.

Being in Texas, everyone knows how hot it can get in the summer. Just a couple of things to remember when getting your dog’s exercise in;

Always research your specific breed, as some are not cut out for long or intense exercises. Researching your pup’s breed will allow you to create the perfect routine for them specifically.

Always be mindful of the weather. Texas weather can be extremely unpredictable. Keep in mind the heat, be sure to have extra water for your dog, along with a collapsible water bowl or Tupperware. If it is hot out for you, it is definitely hot out for your dog.

Be sure to check the pavement temperature before going on a walk. You can test this by holding the back of your hand to the pavement, if it is too much for you after 5 seconds, it will be too much for your pup’s feet.

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