How to Introduce New Pets to Each Other

How to Introduce New Pets to Each other

Introducing a new pet to your previous one can be a nerve-wracking. Of course, you want them to get along, but there’s always the worry that they won’t. There are certain steps you can take to make your new pets introduction to your previous pet smother and easier on everyone. The best thing to remember is that it can take time for your pets to get to know each other, don’t rush this process as it can make the situation more stressful for both pets.

  • Dog and Dog introduction. Have them meet in a neutral place and on leashes so there can be some distance between them. Allow them some wiggle room on the leashes so they can have the freedom to move. Before going into your home, let them have some time to play in the backyard. Once they seem comfortable with each other on the leash, you can drop the leashes and let them free roam together. Let both dogs in the house at the same time, and always make sure they each have their own spaces, bowls, and toys. Supervise play for the next couple days, and don’t leave dogs alone in the house until you know they are fully comfortable with each other.
  • Cat and Dog introduction. It is possible for cats and dogs to be best friends, if they are introduced properly. It is important to make sure that your cat has their own space in your home where their litter box, bed, and food is. Keep your current pet in a room while your new pet roams the house. After this, them meet with your dog on a loose leash, and be sure to end the session before each pet can get uncomfortable. Doing these interactions multiple times will allow them to get comfortable with each other. It is recommended to keep your cat and dog separated when you are not there to supervise.
  • Cat and Cat introduction. Cats can be territorial, and they are not the biggest fan of sharing their space with other cats. You might have to keep your two cats separated until they are fully used to each other. Be sure that each cat has their own space, litter box, food and water bowl, and toys. Let them sniff each other and get used to one another through a door, eventually you can use toys and help them interact and play together.

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