Why Cats Make the Perfect Pets

Why Cats Make the Perfect Pets

Cats are the most popular pets in the US. They are great companions, give unconditional love, entertainment, affection, and they are really funny sometimes. There are many reasons that cats make the best pets, here are some below:

  • Cats are perfect for apartment living. Cats can adjust to apartment living easily. They are quiet and won’t disturb the neighbors. Apartments provide plenty of space for your cat, and of course allow them to bird watch out windows or patios. On top of that, cat’s don’t need to go outside because they use litterboxes.
  • They are low maintenance. Cats are easy going and independent. They are happy to play inside all day or sleep, and they love their alone time. Leaving them alone all day while going to work won’t affect them as much as it does dogs, cats will most likely sleep the whole time you’re gone.
  • Cats are clean. Cats groom themselves, meaning no baths every week or trips to the groomers. Although sometimes their hair can get everywhere, not having to give them a bath every week or worry about them rolling around in mud makes up for it. Because they are constantly grooming themselves, that leads to you having a cleaner house.
  • They are good with kids. Cats get along well with children and can have a positive impact on the child’s life. Cats can teach kids responsibility, important social skills, and can even help them through hard times.
  • Cats are cheaper than dogs. Cats require less food than dogs, meaning you will be spending less on food for a cat than you would with a dog. Toy wise, cats are pretty good at entertaining themselves. There are many options for DIY cat toys, and they are pretty ok with cardboard boxes.
  • They can protect your home from pests. Just having a cat present can scare away mice and rats. If there happens to be one in your home or outside, your cat’s predator instinct kick in, thus ridding your home from any pest problems.
  • Cats are easy to potty train. Cats using litter boxes instead of having to go outside to potty makes potty training them a breeze. Most kittens, shelter cats, or even stray cats already know how to use a litter box.
  • They make great companions. Cats like to be where their people are but are generally less needy that other pets can be. They’re happy just sitting in the same room, or just knowing that their human is nearby. Sometimes they need attention and cuddles, but they will be sure to let you know when they want those.
  • Cats have long lifespans. Cats can live to be in their twenties if they are healthy enough. Their longer lifespan is comforting knowing they will be by your side for many years.
  • Not to mention, they are incredibly entertaining. We have all seen cat videos on the internet. Doing flips, getting the zoomies, jumping onto furniture, or even just being cute and cuddly. Cats are very funny, and will no doubt make you laugh. If you are having a rough day, going to spend time with your cat will definitely put a smile on your face.

Overall, cats can make the perfect pets. There are many benefits to owning a cat or two. Giving you never ending affection and smiles, keep your home cleaner than other pets, and are very independent and low maintenance, making them flexible pets to have when life gets busy.

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