Why Pets Get Jealous, Causes and Solutions

Why Pets Get Jealous, Causes and Solutions

When your dog jumps in between you while you are petting another dog, or when your cat sits on your laptop while you are working, these are signs that your pet is jealous. Your pets can get jealous, to them, it is described as a situation when the pet is competing for your attention with another pet, individual, or anything else. Either way, jealous behavior can be an issue in pets.

Some of the most common signs that your pets are jealous are;

  • Aggression (biting or nipping)
  • Going to the bathroom inside or not in the litterbox
  • Being clingy
  • Pushy behavior
  • Growling, hissing, or getting into a fight with another pet
  • Trying to scare off strangers
  • Doing a trick to get your attention
  • Crowding your personal space
  • Leaving the room

Sometimes, pets can feel jealous when they are bored. If you are not giving them attention or interacting with them, their boredom can lead to them feeling jealous. Here are some ways to reduce jealousy within our pets.

  • Keep a note on the situations where your pet seems to become jealous
  • Don’t give one of your pets more attention than another
  • Give your pets a place to call their own, a safe place for them
  • Feed all pets separately during meals, and give them the same amount of treats
  • Be sure to give all pets the same amount of attention, for example, when you get home be sure to give all of your pets the same amount of love
  • Don’t pet one animal and not the other
  • Have at least 2 of all types of toys, including beds
  • Praise pets when they are calm and not showing jealous behavior

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